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FAQ: our answers to your questions about Daloom

FAQ: our answers to your questions about Daloom

Technical features
Contract details
Payment methods
Other questions


What happens after I sign the contract?

Once payment is made and the contract is signed, Daloom will contact you within two working days. After that, you will receive a form to fill out with the data necessary for creating your e‑commerce website. If you purchased the E‑Catalogue or the E‑Commerce Easy* version (*only for manufacturers), you will receive a platform that includes only a front‑end (without back‑end). With E‑Commerce Pro you will activate the platform with both back‑end and front‑end. 

Will I receive pre‑established credentials or do I proceed independently with the creation of an account?

If you choose E‑Commerce Pro you will get an email with a link to the front‑end section and an activated link to the back‑end section. At the same time, you will receive credentials for the back‑end area of your Daloom platform, with instructions. No credentials are provided for the E‑Catalog / E‑Commerce Easy packages as they do not have a back‑end.

Does Daloom require installation?

The Daloom platform is an SaaS application, which means no installation is required.

After I sign the contract, what are the next steps to activate my e‑commerce website?

  • For the E‑Commerce Easy or E‑Catalogue version:
    (1) A Daloom specialist will contact you within two working days.
    (2) You will receive a form to fill out with the data necessary to activate your e‑commerce website!

  • For the E‑Commerce Pro version:
    (1) You will receive an email with login credentials to your back‑end area and a link to the front‑end.
    (2) A Daloom specialist will contact you within two working days.
    (3) You will receive a form to fill out with the data necessary to activate your e‑commerce website!

Your e‑commerce website will be customized and ready to use within a few days after filling out the form!

Technical features

Can all Daloom versions work with my corporate website?

All versions of Daloom can be integrated with corporate websites. Once you have signed the contract, you will receive guidelines with a few simple instructions to sync the two websites.

Is Daloom compatible with other marketplaces?

At the moment, Daloom allows you to export a feed and synchronize it with Google Shopping. Integration with Amazon marketplace and Facebook showcase is in working process.

Can I customize the URL with the name of my business?

In the initial phase, your Daloom e‑commerce site will have a standard URL (“”). Subsequently, you can set up a custom domain in your back‑end > “Customization” section > Host Addresses. All instructions for customizing the URL will be provided in post‑subscription emails.
Important! Duplicate domain URLs cannot be registered. The URL must be unique. Here’s an example:

Company website: 
E‑commerce Daloom: (a different domain name from the company website)

Do I have to be on Archiproducts to activate a Daloom platform?

Only Manufacturers – for the E‑Catalogue and E‑Commerce Easy versions – need to be subscribed members of Archiproducts. Visit Archiproducts Business to request membership activation.

I am a retailer and one of the brands I have in my store is not on Archiproducts. Can I add it?

With the E‑Commerce Pro you can add for free 30 brands to be chosen among the ones on Archiproducts Shop . You can add any extra brand or any brand that’s not on Archiproducts Shop at any time asking our Technical Department to do it at a cost of EURO 150,00 + VAT per brand. You will be charged for this cost also at the renewal of the contract and you will have to wait for the necessary processing time for the brand to be available online.

I am a retailer, is there any limit to the number of brands I can add on Daloom?

If you purchased the E‑Catalogue, you will be able to add any brand among the ones on Archiproducts.
If you purchased E‑Commerce Pro, you will be able to include a maximum of 60 brands in total.
Contact us for a custom quote for brands with more than 200 products.

Can I autonomously customize my Daloom interface?

It depends on the version you have purchased. The E‑commerce Easy version does not include a back‑end function and it cannot be customized autonomously. Therefore, the Daloom Technical Department will customize your interface. The E‑Catalogue and E‑Commerce Pro versions allow you to customize your interface independently.

Which front‑end components can I customize?

With the E‑Commerce Pro version, you can modify your homepage by inserting custom images to:
(a) the Home Page Gallery;
(b) the showcase;
(c) the “featured products” section;
(d) the “spot banner” section.
You can choose among infinite colors and add pages to populate your footer.

Can I upload stock that I need to get rid of?

In the “Outlet” section in your back‑end, you can autonomously create the product sheets for your discontinued items and sell them in a dedicated section on your website.

Can Daloom be integrated with my management system?

At the moment, the Daloom platform does not dialogue with third‑party management systems. This function will be implemented and made available in the upcoming months.

In order to have Daloom interact with other software, whom should I ask for the API key?

At the moment, the Daloom platform does not communicate externally with API. In the upcoming months, we will launch an update including endpoints to automate some functions.

Can I apply a discount to specific products on my Daloom e‑commerce website?

Of course! You can apply  a flat discount on a single brand or a discount on individual products. This second option is manual. You have to select the products to discount one at a time. However, it is not possible to apply a discount to a single variation of an individual product (for example, the yellow variation of a particular chair, the leather version of a sofa, etc.).

You can also create promotions for a specific selection of products in the “Promo” section of your back-end. This way, you can highlight selected items to suit your strategy.

Can I customize the delivery time for my products?

Yes, but only if you have the E‑Commerce Pro version. In this case, you can update and define the delivery time in the appropriate chart in your back‑end area. Delivery times cannot be customized by brand or product, but they are applied for the entire shipping zone.
In the E‑Commerce Easy version, delivery times follow the standard Archiproducts schedules.

I did not update my stock. What if I receive an order but have finished my availability?

In this case we advise you to contact the customer directly and find a shared solution.

Does Daloom provide tech support?

Absolutely! You can request tech support via the Help Center in your Daloom back-end area. Or you can write directly to [email protected]

Contract details

What is the duration of the contract?

The contract lasts for one year and starts on the first day of the month following signing and payment.

Is contract renewal automatic?

Yes, the contract is automatically renewed.

How do I terminate my subscription to the platform?

Termination must be notified no later than thirty (30) days before the annual expiration date via registered mail/PEC to [email protected]

What happens if I terminate my subscription before its annual expiration date?

In the case of early termination by customer, Edilportale SpA reserves the right to claim all the amounts agreed upon in the contract, including the part for services that the customer will not use.

Payment methods

How do I pay the annual fee?

Payment of the annual fee must be made in a single installment. Purchase of the Daloom Platform can be made directly online at the following links:
Are you a Manufacturer? 
Click here
Are you a Retailer? Click here
You can use Paypal, Credit Card, bank transfer, or direct transfer with Klarna.

Other questions

What are the advantages of the Pro package as opposed to the Easy package?

The Daloom E‑commerce Pro package allows you to manage orders and requests for cost estimates independently. The back‑end function allows you to customize your homepage contents on your own.

How can I integrate the platform with my regional strategy (for example my relationships with my distributors/retailers)?

The Daloom Platform can be perfectly integrated with your territorial strategy, enhancing a  “Drive to Store” strategy.  If the platform is used correctly, it can help bring your online customers to a physical store. You might also be able to intercept the growing demand of users who prefer online shopping.

How can I get the most out of my Daloom platform?

To get the most out of your platform, you should invest in an adequate web marketing strategy. We recommend that you choose one or more staff members to manage your website, online storefront, customer support, and promotional activities, just like a physical store. You should also plan a strategy to achieve your business goals by integrating online and offline activities.

Do the logistics agreements also cover intra/extra EEC shipments or are they limited to Italy?

Logistics agreements are individual. Each owner of a Daloom platform is responsible for their stipulation and management by creating a table in the platform’s back‑end area. However, for the E‑Commerce Easy version, available only for manufacturers, the sales conditions agreed upon with the Archiproducts Shop Team will apply.

Can the E‑catalogue or E‑commerce Easy version be integrated with my corporate website?

Both the E‑Catalogue and the E‑Commerce Easy versions can be integrated with your corporate website. Once you have compiled your Daloom form, you will be contacted by tech support to walk you through all the necessary steps to get it done easily and effortlessly.

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