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Be among the digital leaders of tomorrow.

Be among the digital leaders of tomorrow.

Master the digital skills to drive a successful online business. With Daloom we offer you an online coaching package already featured in your platform, at no additional cost. Join an e‑learning plan curated by 13 leading professionals in the sector including 23 video courses and 20 extra contents. All created and developed by those who experience and create change in the world of Furniture and Design.

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Here’s what you can learn with a Daloom Masterclass

Our e‑learning will help you master all the Digital Marketing techniques for an omnichannel strategy. Free for all Daloom subscribers.

Become a Daloom expert

  1. Add and publish brands and products

  2. Manage prices and discounts

  3. Set offers and coupon codes

  4. Set the delivery options

  5. Create your home page

  6. Find our how to customize your platform

  7. Create new webpages

  8. Manage your leads

Launch your new digital activity

  1. Promote your digital showroom on social media

  2. Discover how to sell on Google Shopping

  3. Get noticed with research ads

  4. Get new leads through your offline stores

  5. Benefit from your brand database

  6. How to close a sale?

  7. Find out everything on Active Campaign

Explore digital potential

  1. What’s Web Marketing and why do you need it?

  2. Funnel Marketing: all you need to know

  3. Get new customers for your store through the Internet

  4. Introduction to CRM and why you should have one

  5. What’s lead scoring and how it will make your life easier

  6. Let us introduce you to Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

  7. How to create a product sheet

  8. Write the perfect article

And the goals you can achieve

Set vertical digital strategies to get new targeted clients in the Furniture and Design market.

Use automation marketing and lead scoring strategies to engage and retain targeted clients (end customers, retailers and Architects).

Use an omnichannel vision – specific for the Furniture and Design market – to turn leads into customers.

Some examples

Introduction to SEA

The merchandising strategy for the Furniture and Design field

Introduction to SEA

The merchandising strategy for the Furniture and Design field

How does it work?

As soon as your platform is activated, you’ll start to receive tips and tricks that can help you in your everyday work.

In the e‑learning section of your Daloom platform you’ll be able to upgrade your skills with a specific online coaching offer.

You can customize your coaching offer according to your rythm and agenda. It’s possible to follow the lessons anytime you want.

Who are the courses for?

  • Entrepreneurs

    Manufacturers or retailers of the Furniture, Design and Construction sector who want to improve their businesses’ performance through digital transformation.

  • Architects and Interior Designers

    Designers who’d like to grow their skills and businesses embracing digital opportunities.

  • Communication Managers, Specialists and PR

    Home & Design professionals who’d like to learn more about Digital Marketing.

  • Marketing & Sales Managers and Specialists

    Professionals from companies in the Furniture, Design and Construction sectors who want to improve their ability of guiding their partner agency. Or learn how to set Digital Marketing activities on their own.

La proposta formativa è pensata per imprenditori, architetti, interior designer, responsabili comunicazione, PR e responsabili marketing e sales.

Want to specialize?

Furnichannel offers topic-specific Masterclasses


Merchandising Masterclass

Learn to create and manage an efficient merchandising strategy for your online store.


Amazon Masterclass

Amazon is one of the most famous and trending sales channels. Launch your brand on Amazon!


Lead Management Masterclass

Learn lead management techniques and discover how to turn an online lead in a real customer.


Google Masterclass

Google is a world full of opportunities for the Furniture and Design sector. Take advantage of all of them!

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